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If you still need some guidance, we hold orientation sessions twice a month where we give an overview of the system and demo the core features of CIAS. Existing CIAS users can now register for CIAS support hours, where an expert will answer your CIAS questions.

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Getting Started Video

Access our Getting Started with CIAS tutorial here! We tackle a number of topics including how to set up your intervention and create screens. We outline what screen types are available, how to program the narrator, and much more!

Last updated 06-24-2022

Getting Started Guide

Getting started with CIAS! This guide will help you create an intervention, make and organize content, and help you get familiar with  CIAS terminology 

Last updated 02-05-2022





Dashboard organization and functionality

Last updated 10-06-2021

Participant Access

Overview of setting intervention access settings and sending invitations to participants

Last updated 10-06-2021

Scheduling Sessions

Learn about the different options to schedule sessions

Last updated 08-23-2021

About CIAS

A one-pager that provides a broad overview of the CIAS system

Last updated 08-23-2021

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Setting up Reports with Free Response Answers

Setting up Reports with Free Response Answers

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