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New to CIAS or looking for help?

Check out our help documents and tutorial videos below.

If you still need some guidance, we hold orientation sessions twice a month where we give an overview of the system and demo the core features of CIAS. Existing CIAS users can now register for CIAS support hours, where an expert will answer your CIAS questions.

Register for an orientation or support session below!



Getting started with CIAS! This PDF guide will help you create an intervention, make and organize content, and help you get familiar with CIAS terminology.

This document provides an overview of intervention settings and how to invite participants to an intervention. Click here to see participant steps.

This PDF reviews your options for inviting participants into an intervention.

This video describes how to set up text messages for participants (tailored or non-tailored) and alert messages for research or clinic staff. 

This video provides an overview of several important intervention options, such as a quick exit for participant safety, a modules-based home screen with multiple sessions, changing narrators, and more. 

This video covers how to branch in CIAS. Branching allows you to apply formula-based skip logic to customize intervention flow for each participant. 

This video shows you how to set up natural language reflections or summaries for participants, based on their prior answers. Click here for a guide to using the  name screen.

CIAS can send personalized custom reports to participants or to third parties such as research staff or healthcare providers. This video shows you how. You can also view this document to learn more the two different types offered on the platform. 

 Share your intervention with others and determine who can view, edit and obtain access to your data.

Use this checklist as a guide for testing sessions & completed interventions.

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