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Release notes 

July 24, 2023

New Features

1. Added Collaborate feature

2. Added ability to apply a digit limit to number screen

3. Instructions to help researchers operate the system

4. Ability to type date manually in date screen

5. SMS CSV additions, including timezone and time range

6. CSV optimization: data from all sessions appear in one row 

General Bug Fixes and Improvements 

1. Improvements to narrator audio 

2. Onboarding improvements: no longer need to verify email


May 25, 2023

1. Ability to set and edit session autofinish

2. Ability to attach files to text messages (MMS), up to 5mb

3. Updated look to the skip question button 

4. New open-source accessibility plugin

5. Maintenance and bug fixes

6. 4. Ability for participant to select preferred time ranges to receive text messages

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